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Select arabica coffee: 100%


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200 / 400g


sugar cane, cherries and green apples



Balanced specialty organic coffee from Colombia, grown on the slopes of the mountains of the Tolima region, which in the translation of the local name refers to the "river of snow". It is an ideal compromise for those who prefer less bitter coffee with light fruit tones. The coffee is suitable for preparation by filtration, in a mocha teapot, as well as in a coffee machine.


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Tolima, Colombia (1400-2000 m asl)


Cooperative La Orquídea, 60 farmers


This coffee is the most popular among customers and fits almost everyone. The grains come from the La Orquídea cooperative, from the mountains of central Colombia. In addition to caring for the quality and processing of coffee, the cooperative focuses on a better life in the community, fairer trade and a better administrative background for further development. At present, the association has almost 60 small farmers. Coffee cherries are harvested at an altitude of 1400 - 2000 meters, are peeled in mills by a washed method and dried in the sun. Although we recommend this coffee for filtration (french press, drip tray, chemex, etc.), it is also light for a mocha kettle, where it becomes more bitter, or for a semi-automatic or automatic coffee machine.


This coffee is of specialty quality with a cupping score of 83+


BIO and Fair


Packed in a sheltered workshop in eco-packaging

We have chosen this coffee, so that it is universally affordable and fits taste buds of majority of people. Specialty quality then means that our coffee is of the only proven origin and is grown in conditions that guarantee the quality and taste of beans that is well above average.

Like our other coffees, this one is certified organic and bought transparently at fair prices from small farmers who grow it without
pesticides and other adverse substances to the body in accordance with the protection of the soil and surrounding water resources.

Our coffee is hand-packaged in a sheltered workshop and roastery in Kostelec nad Labem, Czech Republic, which works with people with mental and physical disabilities.
Work here means self-realization, interpersonal contacts, education and skills improvement.

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Team La Orquídea

With each cup to a positive change

Coffee is one of the most risky commodities for environmental sustainability in the coming decades. That's why we do our best to leave a positive mark for change with each cup of our coffee, from grains to packaging.

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