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Papua New Guinea, Eastern Highlands (1300 - 1750 m) & Honduras, Las Capucas region (1450 - 1600 m)

HOAC Cooperative, 2600 Farmers & COCAFCAL Cooperative, 80 Farmers



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A more pronounced and slightly bitter mixture of organic grains from the mountains of the Las Capucas region, in Honduras and the Eastern Highlands in Papua New Guinea. The coffee is ideal for those looking for strong flavors similar to classic Italian espresso, but do not like very bitter and over-roasted coffee. Coffee is suitable for preparing espresso, whether in a coffee machine or mocha kettle, but it can also be prepared by filtration if you are looking for a less intense taste.


Select arabica coffee: 100%


200 / 400g


Molasses, nuts, citrus, mango


The mixture consists of two types of grains. The first, which makes up the majority, comes from Papua New Guinea, the Eastern Highlands and HOAC. The cooperative provides small farmers with an income in remote areas with poor infrastructure and a limited amount of work. In addition, it also helps with access to clean water, education or production equipment. This coffee is a great addition to espresso blends, thanks to its rich taste with strong chocolate tones. The second coffee is coffee from Honduras, the Las Capucas area and the COCAFCAL cooperative, which operates in 12 communities in the area. The cooperative has grown to nearly 80 members who have access to free health care and even online courses from the University of Honduras. Farmers grow coffee near the Celaque National Park and the highest mountain of the same name in Honduras, which is a large reservoir of water. Growers farm at an altitude of 1450 - 1600 meters and coffee trees are shaded by local conifers or fruit trees.


Selected qualities and lean balanced

One of our pillars is to make quality and sustainable coffee available to more people. That is why we choose our coffees so that they have a balanced taste and fit as many people as possible. That is why we dare to say that our coffee will not disappoint you.


BIO and Fair

Like our other coffees, this one is certified organic and bought transparently at fair prices from small farmers who grow it without
pesticides and other adverse substances to the body in accordance with the protection of the soil and surrounding water resources.


Packed in a sheltered workshop in eco-packaging

Our coffee is hand-packaged in a sheltered workshop and roastery in Kostelec nad Labem, Czech Republic, which works with people with mental and physical disabilities.
Work here means self-realization, interpersonal contacts, education and skills improvement.

Espresso Special Honduras Las Capucas Bi

HOAC and COCAFCAL cooperatives

With each cup to a positive change

Coffee is one of the most risky commodities for environmental sustainability in the coming decades. That's why we do our best to leave a positive mark for change with each cup of our coffee, from grains to packaging.

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