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Home-made coffee made better...

We live in a world where quality and sustainable coffee is more desirable than ever. Nevertheless, it is not available to everyone, mainly due to the high price and limited offer between stores. We decided to change that and created Elements. Coffee based on better accessibility and what it used to be about in their beginnings - quality, nature and the people around it.


We want to become an advocate for quality, ethical and sustainable coffee in the Czech Republic and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to change in the coffee industry, which is leading to environmental and social crisis.

Elements of our coffee

Sustainability and




We will always work to contribute together to ecological solutions - from packaging design, coffee to the waste we create.

Community around




People we can reach will always be our priority - from the support of farmers, people with social disadvantages or others who will be connected with us.

Awareness and our customers


In order to function, your satisfaction must be a priority for us. We are bound by constant feedback, maximum care for quality and dissemination of information about the sustainability of coffee and its social and environmental problems.


Why Organic?

Sustainable coffee supports cultivation of coffee in the traditional way, which has several advantages: Elimination of agrochemicals that can contaminate soil and water; use of traditional organic fertilizers; lower pollution; or soil sustainability due to its increased formation and conservation. Support for traditional cultivation also helps conserve forests by adding another source for their economic use.

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Why support community growers?


Growing sustainable coffee in the traditional way requires higher labor requirements and plant care costs. In order for farmers to switch to sustainable farming, they need training, cover higher costs of eliminating pests and weeds, pruning trees, or preparing home fertilizers. To cover costs, they need a higher purchase price (around 20%), for which they need access to developed markets where there is higher demand. Associations help them do this. Thanks to higher prices for extra work and cooperation with associations, farmers not only have more money for basic needs such as clothing, but can also gain access to loans, better housing, health care or infrastructure for more efficient agriculture.

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Why a sheltered workshop?


Our coffee is hand-packaged in the sheltered workshop and roastery Fair & Bio in Kostelec nad Labem, which works with people with mental and physical disabilities with incredible life stories. Our packaging and materials are designed to allow the safest and most suitable work for this sheltered workshop. Work here means self-realization, interpersonal contacts, education and skills improvement.

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Why our packaging?



Conventional coffee packaging is environmentally problematic. In order to keep the coffee fresh, the packaging must, as far as possible, block the access of light and oxygen and at the same time allow the carbon dioxide released by the coffee to escape. Therefore, coffee is often packaged in packaging made of different layers: plastic, aluminum, paper or bio plastic. Despite the fact that there is an increasing emphasis on the sustainability of packaging and that packaging is now marked as fully degradable or recyclable, in practice their processing is a problem. The different layers must be separated for recycling, which is impossible in many cases. We therefore decided to make our packaging from two layers: cardboard, which is both recyclable and decomposable in landfills, and bio plastic, certified for home composting. The packaging, therefore, unfortunately, is not suitable for long-term storage, which is why we try to get the coffee to you as soon as possible after roasting and packaging.

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