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Guatemala Huehuetenango, altitude 1400-200 m


COMAL cooperative, 85 farmers




Select arabica coffee: 100%


200 / 400g

Caramel, cherries, watermelon

EU shipping starts at 4 EUR

This coffee is selected for lovers of lighter and more acidic coffee and is especially suitable for filtration (chemex, V60 and others), is lighter roasting and comes from the Huehuetenango area in Guatemala, from relatively high altitudes between 1400 and 2000 m above sea level, where cultivation is affected by warm air strems.


Coffee from Guatemala is generally one of the tastiest and finest in the world, as the high altitudes and rich soil create ideal growing conditions. Our Selection coffee specifically comes from the mountains of western Guatemala, from the COMAL cooperative, which, among other things, focuses on equal rights for women among growers, of whom about half are in the cooperative. Another interesting feature of this cooperative is that local farmers grow other crops in addition to coffee, thus supporting the preservation of biodiversity and the protection of local ecosystems, which benefit from diversity between crops. The cooperative helps farmers with logistics, quality management and training. Each grower processes and dries his own coffee.


Selected qualities and lean balanced

One of our pillars is to make quality and sustainable coffee available to more people. That is why we choose our coffees so that they have a balanced taste and fit as many people as possible. That is why we dare to say that our coffee will not disappoint you.


BIO and Fair

Like our other coffees, this one is BIO certified and bought transparently at fair prices from small farmers who grow it without

pesticides and other adverse substances to the body in accordance with the protection of the soil and surrounding water resources.


Packed in a sheltered workshop in eco-packaging

Our coffee is hand-packaged in a sheltered workshop and roastery in Kostelec nad Labem, which works with people with mental and physical disabilities.

Work here means self-realization, interpersonal contacts, education and skills improvement.

COMAL team

With each cup to a positive change

Coffee is one of the most risky commodities for environmental sustainability in the coming decades. That's why we do our best to leave a positive mark for change with each cup of our coffee, from grains to packaging.

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