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Nothing ends with an empty mug


as a fertilizer

Coffee is often recommended as a fertilizer. Improves soil structure or increases the retention of water and other nutrients. In addition, it also contains substances beneficial for growth such as phosphorus, nitrogen or potassium. Although many people recommend adding coffee directly to the soil to promote growth, the literature shows that toxins in coffee intended to protect plants in nature can be harmful to plants in the soil, despite the benefits. However, coffee can still be used effectively as a fertilizer. If you add less than 2% coffee to the soil, or if you add it in smaller portions to a well-established compost and let it rest for about 6 months, the toxins will decompose and the coffee will only enrich the compost.


for washing dishes

Thanks to its coarse structure, coffee is ideal for scrubbing leftovers and forms an easy and ecological replacement for "sand". Dry the used logger and simply pour it directly on the dishes or on the grill. However, avoid porous surfaces so that the coffee does not leave stains.


for better skin

Thanks to its structure and chemical composition, coffee is known in the field of skin care. Many articles talk about their antioxidant effects, the effects on increased blood circulation or the effect on the production of elastin and collagen. A number of face masks or a simple peeling can be made from used coffee. For these purposes, coffee is often mixed with honey or coconut oil.



Thanks to its strong aroma, coffee helps to mask the unpleasant odor. Unlike baking soda, coffee obscures rather than eliminates odors. To mask the odor, simply place the dried coffee log in an odorous place in an open container or, for example, in a sock or other cloth, until the odor clears. The coffee can also be dried into tablets and used later.


to cover the grooves on the wood

Coffee is often talked about in connection with covering the damage on dark wood. Simply spread the damp log over the dark wood in the scratch area and leave on for a few minutes. Then wipe the surface thoroughly. The darker the wood, the better the effect should be.

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