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Hega (ground coffee)
Does your typical cup of coffee no longer work for you? Take your coffee experience to the next level. Try a natural selection of organic coffee enriched with Chaga and Hericium mushrooms. Discover a balanced taste and new benefits for your better self.


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Guatemala, China




Gourmet arabica coffee: 92%

Chaga extract and powder: 4%

Hericium extract and powder: 4%


100g / 250g


BIO coffee and mushrooms of the highest quality, without pesticides and other harmful substances. 

Balanced taste and significantly higher content of vital mushrooms than in other products.

We pack in a sheltered workshop and support small farmers and their cooperatives, supporting local communities

We use recycled, recyclable and environmentally friendly materials to reduce our footprint.


Why this coffee?

Compared to classic coffee, it contains a much wider range of various interesting substances with potential effects on our body, but at the same time you can enjoy a good load of caffeine in your favorite drink a little better. We especially recommend this variant to those who are looking for general benefits of mushroom extracts and powders, for every day and for the whole body.

Image by Alex Gudino

Specialty organic coffee

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Organic extract and powder Chaga


Organic extract and powder Hericium

The coffee for this blend comes from the mountains of western Guatemala, from the COMAL cooperative, which, among other things, focuses on equal rights for women among growers, of whom about half are in the cooperative. In addition to coffee, local farmers grow other crops, helping to conserve biodiversity and protect local ecosystems.

The coffee comes from an altitude of 1400-2000 m above sea level, is processed by the washed method and has the characteristics of apples, milk chocolate and nuts.

The coffee is selective, bought fairly, it is in BIO quality.

Chaga (oblique rust) is a part of traditional Russian and Chinese medicine. People believe in its ability to revitalize and calm the body and spirit.

In the chaga mushroom we can find beta glucans, flavonoids, sterols, but also a number of vitamins, minerals, melanin and betulinic acid. In traditional Chinese medicine, chaga can be associated with the nutrition of Gan (liver), Shen (kidney) and Xin (heart), the transformation of Tan (mucus), the revival of Xue (blood), the calming of the spirit or the support of defensive Qi.

* The information provided is only general information about the chaga mushroom and not about health claims. At present, the EU has no health claims about this fungus.

Hericium (Lion's Mane) is a fungus that has a strong place in traditional Chinese medicine.
Like other vital fungi, hericium is rich in polysaccharides - beta glucans, minerals, but also hericium specific - diterpenoids. But we can also find palmitic acid or provitamin D2 in it.
In traditional Chinese medicine, we can find a connection with hericity to strengthen Wei (stomach), replenishment of Pi (spleen), aid digestion, or calm the spirit of Shen. Furthermore, the Lion's Mane is mentioned in this medicine is regards to strengthening the activity of the brain or acting on the organ systems.
* The information provided is only general information about the herbicide fungus and not about health claims. At present, the EU has no health claims about this fungus.


The fungal powders and extracts we use are of organic quality and are tested on more than 500 types of known heavy metals, pesticides and human-dangerous microorganisms. The extracts then contain a minimum amount of 30% polysaccharides.



Our coffee is fair and comes exclusively from smaller farmers. All grains are of organic quality and in their selection we also pay attention to aspects such as the support of agricultural polycultures, which help to preserve diversity. Growing coffee together with other crops offers space for the existence of local fauna and flora.



Image by Rachel Brenner


The mixture is exclusively made from ground coffee and we recommend preparing it in the form of a French press. Ideally in a ratio of about 14g of water per 1g of mixture. The water should not exceed 95 °. We recommend drinking 1 to 2 cups of this coffee a day.


* The information provided is for information purposes only, so it is not a treatment, guide or nutrition claim.


During the development of our mixture, we tried to combine the maximum amount of vital mushrooms in the product with minimal impact on taste. Nevertheless, the coffee has a slight bitter touch with a taste specific to mushroom extracts, but the resulting taste is still almost the same as classic coffee.


Our mixture differs mainly by the high content of the fungal component, which is up to twice that of other products. Thanks to this, 1-2 cups a day is enough for you to achieve the recommended daily dose of vital mushrooms. In addition, in addition to extracts, which are mainly focused on the content of polysaccharides, we also use mushroom powders, which contain a larger amount of substances typical of mushrooms.


We recommend REICOR mixture to more active people or people looking for a new dose of energy. HEGA focuses more generally on general benefits for the body. The choice is related to the effects often mentioned with the related mushrooms. Information on the effects of fungi, which are commonly available through many sources.

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